Food Trucks

Canadian Brewhouse

The Canadian Brewhouse opened it’s first restaurant in 2002, in Edmonton, Alberta. Over a decade later, that one location has grown to 31 and we plan to continue expanding across Canada!


Bhagvan’s Dairy Cream

Bhagvan’s Dairy Cream started a business in 1994 in Toronto, Ontario. Serving all neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area.  Then the team expanded to London, Ontario and moving even further south to in Windsor, Ontario where a new division started in 1998. After satisfying our friendly customers in the Windsor Area, we now needed to make more people feel  the kind warm love we share. So, in 2008 Bhagvan’s Dairy Cream opened a branch in Edmonton Alberta and surrounding  areas.


Lemon Heaven

Our lemons are freshly squeezed in front of the customer so they know they’re getting the real thing. After all ingredients are added, the Lemon Heaven is shaken (not stirred) to ensure the beverage is chilled and all ingredients are thoroughly mixed with the fresh lemon juice. This squeezing and shaking action creates a great aroma, attracts a lot of attention and makes for a great show. Lemon Heaven Lemonade is sold in 12oz, 24oz and 32oz sizes with a choice of Original, Cherry, Lime or Iced Tea flavors.


Samual’s Ice Art

Samuel’s Ice Art has a reputation as a high-quality ice cream and popsicle vendor for over 9 years. We provide a variety of ice cream novelties and popsicles, some unique to Alberta. At Samuel’s you can get delicious hand-made Elephant Ears, and freshly made Hawaiian Shaved Ice in 9 flavors, along with freshly made popcorn.


KGW Kettlecorn

KGW Kettle Corn has been producing fresh popped sweet and salty kettle popcorn for over 16 years in the Edmonton area. Using only high-quality ingredients, every batch is hand measured so you are guaranteed the same great flavor in every bag. The kettle corn is nut, dairy and gluten free.


Smokehouse BBQ

If you take a look at the history of original smoke house meal preparation, you will discover how methods have changed but the same great flavor of the early 1900’s is still being enjoyed today. We take pride in the history of smoked foods and deliver the authentic taste it deserves to be cooked like.


Go Nuts for Donuts

Hey you. Yeah, you. Do you go nuts for donuts? Well, have we got a truck for you. Go Nuts 4 Donuts is a food truck that’s bringing the best mini donuts to the streets of Edmonton, the first to do so, and has been doing so since 2012. With a long running sweet history, these donut connoisseurs know just how to treat your sweet tooth craving.


El Churro Treats

You are probably wondering what Churros are, they are a sweet, sugary deep-fried pastry that originated in Spain. They are 10 inches long. They are fried until they become crunchy and are rolled in a sugar and cinnamon mixture. Churros are extruded out through a star shaped die which leaves a hole in the middle which can now be filled with a flavour of your choice, flavors available are: Caramel, Bavarian Cream, and Plain no filling.


Fat Frank’s

FAT FRANKS BIGGER BETTER BITE is Edmonton’s only professional Hot Dog Street Kitchen / Kart vendors and suppliers of private label Smokies and Hot Dogs. Our Sausages and Hot Dogs are made exclusively for us and are of the highest quality grind, natural casing and mostly gluten free. Our Hot Dogs are pork free so most faiths can enjoy them.  Our buns are baked for us to our strict standards – both whole wheat and white.


Poutine World

Our food truck serves different kinds of poutine which are made from freshly cut potatoes, real cheese curds and vegetarian brown gravy which starts with basic traditional poutine also comes with different toppings like cheese, ground beef, hot Italian sausage, bacon, chicken, pickles, and pineapple which are all fan-favourites. We also have corn dogs and other delectable snacks that will surely fill your cravings.


Soner’s Donair

Beef and chicken donairs, donair poutine, chicken kebab & felafal. Try deep fried Oreos!


Jackie O’s Street Treats

Family owned and operated, Jackie O’s Street Treats is a self-contained, clean, professional, mobile food vendor serving hot, fresh, made to order, mini donuts to Edmontonians and surrounding areas. Our Jackie O’s Street Treats team love to make and sell mini donuts and to have fun at the same time- you will be able to see that from the smiles on their faces!


Explore India

Explore India brings authentic Indian cuisine to the streets of Edmonton and beyond! The best butter chicken, biryani, samosas, and more served fresh and hot! With fantastic flavours you won’t believe, and service that’ll make you feel right at home, Explore India will soon be your new favourite food truck!


Cranky Ape

Family owned food truck from Edmonton, Alberta! Known for the best home cut fries in western Canada! Fresh fries, never frozen. Our menus consists of home cut fries, classic poutine, donair poutine, chili cheese fries, and butter chicken poutine.


Ukrainian House

Ukrainian cuisine food trailer in Edmonton area. Street vending, event servicing and catering. Selling pierogies, grilled kolbasa (Ukrainian sausage), cabbage rolls, nalesniki (Ukrainian crepes with cottage cheese, dill, saute in butter).


Passionate Potato

Potatoes….. Alberta?  Really?  Yes!  We love them and we can guarantee you will too.  Have you tried our Potato Tornado?  If you happen to just ADORE fried potatoes then this tornado is for you!  It’s a deep fried spiral-cut whole potato on a skewer, brushed with various seasonings.  This is definitely a crowd favorite at any event.


Phat Tony’s

Phat Tony’s Food Truck is a must for savory gourmet sandwiches! Every item on this menu is mouth-watering; rewarding homemade meals are only a order away. And keep a look out for the meatloaf grilled cheese – it’s a hit!


Purple Perogy

The Purple Perogy is for adventurous perogy lovers who want “perogies with a twist”! We are a local family business operating a restaurant in Sherwood Park and all our cooking is done “with love”. Try mushroom, buffalo chicken or poutine perogies – just an example of some the unique perogies we offer. And for dessert, how about an ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chunk or rainbow cookies and ice cream? Yum!