Edmonton Airshow 2019 Cancelled

2019 Edmonton Airshow cancelled due to soggy conditions.

Ticketholders can keep their tickets for the 2020 airshow or receive a refund. 

Aug. 8, 2019 (Edmonton, Alta.) – Edmonton Airshow organizers today announced the 2019 edition of the airshow at Villeneuve Airport has been cancelled. The persistent wet weather has saturated the fields used for airshow parking, causing significant operational and safety concerns.

“We are deeply saddened by this decision, but our number one priority is the safety of our patrons, event partners and the community,” said Richard Skermer, president and CEO of the Edmonton Airshow. “With more rain forecast over the next week, it is unlikely the fields will dry out in time, making parking safely almost impossible.”

The muddy parking conditions would mean hundreds of stuck vehicles, with only mud-equipped vehicles able to park safely. Stuck vehicles would cause traffic backups on Secondary Highway 633 and Highway 44, creating safety issues on those highways. As well, the mud and ruts would compromise emergency services access to the entire event site.

Organizers explored using shuttles, rig mats and sand to lessen the treacherous conditions, but none of the options were feasible for cost and logistical reasons this close to the event.

In Edmonton, July was one of the wettest on record. Rain fell on 21 of 31 days, leaving July 2019 tied for the third rainiest in the past 50 years, according the Environment and Climate Change Canada data. The federal data shows roughly 163 mm of rain fell in July in Edmonton, significantly above the average of 94 mm.

Cancelling the airshow now ensures the least amount of disruption for airshow vendors, performers and partners from the region and around the world, who are vital to hosting the airshow in the future, Skermer said.

“Ensuring safety is our number one priority,” said Steve Maybe, vice-president of Operations and Infrastructure with Edmonton Airports, the operator of Villeneuve Airport. “We advised the Airshow organizers that due to significant rainfall, we cannot permit use of the fields for parking due to the risk of spectator vehicles, emergency and airport vehicles becoming stuck.

“We recognize that has lead the Airshow to its cancelation decision. We’re all disappointed. We love the Airshow and fostering that love with the community. We will continue to support the Edmonton Airshow and we look forward to it returning in 2020 and continuing to grow.”

2020 Edmonton Airshow is on

Today’s cancellation announcement does not affect the 2020 airshow. Plans are underway to make the 2020 Edmonton Airshow the biggest and best yet with the introduction of air races and expanded business and career elements.

Ticketholders for the 2019 Edmonton Airshow can keep them for entry to the 2020 event or ask for a refund.

Media Contact:

Richard Skermer

President and CEO, Edmonton Airshow


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