Edmonton Airshow 2020

Even though fans are just as disappointed as we are, we really have appreciated the response from everyone. With an expected audience of over 30,000 for the weekend, the safety of fans and performers is our number one concern. We are also happy to hear that many fans want to keep their tickets for 2020, and many vendors are already signed to be a part of our next event in 2020. Your vote of confidence in our event is heartwarming and inspiring. 

After speaking with the performers about the cancellation and safety concerns, the response has been very positive!

In fact, we’ve already confirmed some performers who are excited to participate in 2020’s Edmonton Airshow:

  • The Vampire Jet.
  • Acemaker in his T-33 jet (Rumour has it that he’s bringing friends!!!).
  • Yellow Thunder
  • Erickson Aircraft Collection (We will let you choose the aircraft they bring!)
  • Historic Flight Foundation
  • Jacquie B
  • And of course, Air Racing!

We are currently working with the other performers and the RCAF for other assets. The USAF is extremely appreciative of our focus on safety over all else, and we are working together for new assets in 2020. We have asked for the A10 Demo Team to return and we will find out in December when the final decision is announced. The USN and USMC bases are already discussing their participation with our liaison.  Jacquie B is coming back next week, keeping her commitment to Imperial Oil’s women’s interest network speeches.

We also have some announcements for small displays coming in October.  Stay tuned!

We will be back in 2020. 

Count on it!!!

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