Edmonton Airshow - 2021 UPDATE

Edmonton Airshow UPDATE                  07 June 2021

AUGUST 20-22, 2021 Villeneuve Airport, Alberta

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The Government of Alberta COVID update page is available by CLICKING HERE.

The Government of Alberta “Open for Summer” plan – CLICK HERE

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Edmonton Airshow continues to review the potential to host a show in 2021

(Edmonton, Alberta, June 7, 2021) – We continue to review our options in hosting a show in 2021.  We are anxiously awaiting the final ability to go forward under the “Open for Summer” plan.  Crucially, we are beholden to the Calgary Stampede and any potential issues that arise.  We also must respect the current situation of Edmonton Airports and staffing.  Months of uncertainty still plagues the industry as a whole, including suppliers of rental cars, hotels, etc.   Funding sources are also constrained by any potential to actually launch this year’s show.

If we are allowed to continue, the dates would be 20-22 August, 2021.


Scheduled performers are:


JacquieB, Vampire Demo, Brent Handy, Yellow Thunder, local pilot Bill Carter, Kyle Fowler, and others TBA.


RCAF CF-18 demo team, USAF A-10 Thunderbolt II demo, USN EA-18G Growler electronic warfare demo, USAF HU-1 Huey SAR demo, ANG KC-135 aerial refueling demo with TBA fighters in tow, ANG UH-60 Blackhawk, ANG EC-130J, and flyovers from the USAF B52, & USAF B-1B “Bone”.  Other flyovers, statics, and performers will be announced when confirmed.  

2020 was an extremely tumultuous year for Alberta and its major event organizers. Our event was no exception.  2021 is also an extremely cautious year, with many folks wanting to return to normal ASAP, and others being very cautious in our approach.  This mixture demands we proceed with all stakeholders openly and cautiously.  Key funding commitments need to be met, the Canadian border must be confirmed as open for US and international participants, vendors need to be able to scale up in time, and of course, the vaccine rollout needs to be completed as laid out by the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada.  Given our international components, as well as the large scale of the event, we must mitigate all risks in this rapidly changing environment.

The Edmonton Airshow believes in trying to be a long term annual event, and executing on our commitment to being the premier Alberta external visitor and investor attraction event in August.  Details of the longer term vision will be released as they mature.


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