Edmonton Airshow Exchange and Refund Procedure

Edmonton Airshow UPDATE                   Sept 24, 2019


Our 2019 insurance claim is still in process.  While discussing our claim with the adjusters on Tuesday, September 17th, the adjusters indicated that the claim is still in progress with the team in London.  Global claims are up this year with weather-related incidents, and as an industry, processing large claims are behind.  We didn’t get an exact timeline for processing but are continuing to work with our adjusters to ensure refunds for ticket holders and vendors.

We completely understand that this is a longer process than anticipated.  The Edmonton Airshow also wants this process completed so we can fully start discussing 2020.  This claim is not like an auto insurance claim; rather, it is a large amount covering several items and the result of Force Majeure. There are continuing interviews and investigations to satisfy the needs of the insurers.  As mentioned earlier, unfortunately we are caught in the backlog of global claims.


We do not have a continual revenue stream like a retail business, so we insure the event in case of a catastrophic occurrence.  We also must pay deposits, etc before the event happens, so any revenue garnered goes immediately to these vendors.  Most of those deposits are non-refundable. That is the reality of a once-a-year event like an airshow, especially a not-for-profit organization. 


For 2020, the news is great.  Most of the 2019 performers are returning, and we also have made gigantic strides towards the inclusion of Reno-style air racing in the 2020 calendar.  A team of delegates from Sturgeon County, Edmonton Airports, local businesses, and the Airshow attended the 2019 Reno Air Races to cement the partnership.  Additionally, faith was shown by 2 US sponsors and Edmonton Tourism (Explore Edmonton) in providing the budget to go.  The Edmonton Airshow, and the City of Edmonton, was showcased and advertised in front of several hundred thousand patrons, as well as the international audience watching remotely on live streams. 


The response is wonderful.  We have a ton of interest from all over the US in folks attending the event, as well a participating.  The amazing thing is that even many of the 2,000+ volunteers want to attend and volunteer at the 2020 show. 


All civilian performers have re-signed for 2020. As for the Military, these schedules are not public until December 10th at the International Council of Airshows (ICAS) convention in Las Vegas.  However, we do have a video from the A-10 team that should give you a hint of what is to come from the USAF.  The RCAF will review their schedule and announce at or just after ICAS.


In short, 2020 is shaping up to be even bigger than 2019 was supposed to be.  Many new partners are joining the solid base we have today.  The silver lining in this cancellation was many realized that we have something worth growing and expanding, and our ongoing partnership creation with organizations like Reno, the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, the Reno/Sparks Chamber of Commerce, and others could bring new opportunity to Alberta far outside a yearly airshow.  We will expand on this in the weeks ahead.


Thank you again for your patience, and also for standing with us as we work to create new opportunities for all Albertans. If you have not yet submitted your refund or exchange request, please do so below.


The Edmonton Airshow team



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